…”After about 60 seconds of the Dina Preston Band performance two factors in their incredible wall of sound had us in absolute amazement: Dina Preston’s center note pitch and powerful delivery reminiscent of Pat Benetar and the smokin’ hot electric lead fill playing of Don Ortiz, Dina’s husband.

Throughout the Dina Preston Band show the groove never faltered. Drummer Henry Lara was solid as a rock during every song, playing just enough transition fill to make each song better in a way only a top notch drummer can do. The bass player and the drummer should be so tight they are sleeping together (musically speaking). Bass player Mark Newberry was every bit as solid as Drummer Henry Lara and together they cut a groove for each song in their own smooth energetic lay-back over-the-top way. Bassist Mark Newberry sang lead on two songs also.

This Mesa Arizona Disabled American Veterans (DAV) chapter had been trying to book the Dina Preston Band for a benefit concert for 16 years when their busy travel schedule finally allowed them to say yes…” 

https://youtu.be/TbWogsobzS0 You can copy this link into a browser address bar and type Enter to see the four minute pre concert interview with Dina Preston and Don Ortiz.

Michael Sikorsky

Phoenix Country Music & Dance Examiner

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