Get Back To You -Original Dina Preston Band 

Feedback from our Fans:

Get Back To You was written in anticipation of the band’s upcoming Fiji and Kiribati concert dates. (Writers: Dina Preston-Ortiz & Don Ortiz)

  • Love it! –Steve Pasquale
  • Takes me back to the islands! –Wilma Fingado

I Can’t Wait -Original Dina Preston Band

“I Can’t Wait” is Dina Preston Band newest release written in honor of their recent U.S. Embassy Tour to Budapest. The band’s touring highlight included a patriotic performance in Debrecen, Hungary to commemorate September 11. The band will also perform in Budapest, Eger and the city of Pecs. (Writers: Dina Preston-Ortiz, Don Ortiz & Michael Terry)

  • We just got word that our song, “I Can’t Wait” inspired by our latest U.S. Embassy Tour to Hungary is under consideration by NSAI (Nashville Songwriter Association International): ****Congratulations! This song has been recommended for consideration at our next “Pitch to Publisher” luncheon!**** Thanks for making this song number #1 on Reverb Nation, and please keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for us!
  • I Can’t Wait to listen to I Can’t Wait again..Wonderbeast
  • Really enjoyed “I Can’t Wait”! Fantastic song! Keep up the awesome work. Mario Mendoza
  • Country music that rocks. Tight band, great vocals and harmonies. Reminds me a little of Lonestar, one of my favorite country bands. TIW Music

H-A-R-D Working Man -Original Dina Preston Band 

“H-A-R-D Working Man”  H-A-R-D Working Man was inspired by all the hardworking family men we women love to love! (Writers: Dina Preston-Ortiz, Don Ortiz & Kregg Barentine)

  • H-A-R-D Working Man should be on everyone’s iPod. I am in a hard rock and I am blown away from the power of this band!! Offset and beautifully fronted by Dina 🙂 Fluffer
  • I see why H-A-R-D Working Man was played 100x this week. Great song featuring infectious vocals and inspiring musicianship. I can feel the passion thru my speakers. Respect!! Jonathan Tambell
  • WOW!! Great job with “H-A-R-D Working Man”. Love the vocals and instrumentals…..especially the Jerry Lee Lewis piano going on in the background. Great production…..awesome song!! Mike Vincent
  • Hi DPB, Was just on your RN page listening to “H-A-R-D Working Man” Really a great rockin’ country tune. You guys are always Awesome to listen to. James Lynne & Ian Carter

Halfway from Nowhere -Original Dina Preston Band 

“Halfway from Nowhere” is a great rocker for driving down the highway! I’m flooring it right now! Dina soars while the drums are big with punchy guitars and killer backing vocals. Love the chorus! Great tune! (Writers: Dina Preston-Ortiz, Don Ortiz, Ron Barry & Bill Shostack)

  • Half way from No where , half way home swell lyric – Yes Charlie is back from No where. Just to listen to your Cool Tunes . Respect
  • Awesome vocals and sound. Love the vibes. Peace from the Mile High CIty Rockers
  • Halfway from Nowhere, rocks! Vocals great and band is tight.
  • Big cheers to the ambassadors of good music. Southern country rock at its best!

Field of Blue -Original Dina Preston Band 

“Field of Blue” written in tribute to the men and women who have served and are serving overseas in today’s Armed Forces. You are the Stars in the “Field of Blue”. Hats off to the Dina Preston Band for their 20 years of service to our nations Armed Forces & US Embassies as musical “Ambassadors of Goodwill”. (Writers: Dina Preston-Ortiz, Don Ortiz & Mark Peotter)

  • Great sound and excellent blend of instrumentation. I enjoyed HALFWAY TO NOWHERE and FIELD OF BLUE. The Rose Of Sharon (ASCAP) (AMG)
  • Super rockin’ tunes you have there! We are a fan! Field Of Blue is Superb! What power house vocals!!! Sahara from Highland Drive

So Blue -Original Dina Preston Band 

“So Blue” written about PTSD with an honest and candid descriptions of what life was like for those who suffer from Post Tragic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It has been featured on Voice of the Veterans and Shale Rattle & Troll radio shows. Once again Dina shows off her powerful vocals with so much emotion. Don Ortiz’s guitar solo cries out right till the last note. (Writers: Dina Preston-Ortiz & Don Ortiz)

  • Love ALL your songs but So Blue is my favorite. Fantastic music Guys and Gals 🙂 PROUD to be a FAN of the Diana Preston Band~
  • “So Blue”……….amazing track! I like the support you give our troops…….beautiful. Great group you have, music is tight and well performed! Peace to you and all who surround you. JP
  • You are really brilliant!! Thank you so much for your visit and the kind comment!! I love it here! “So Blue” is a MUST LISTEN! Blessings and success!

Where is She -Original Dina Preston Band 

“Where is She” asks the question we hear everyday, but know inside. I still have the chorus in my head @ work. Dina’s vocals are very clear & powerful. The hooks are dead on. This would be a great movie or documentary song. “Where is She” is an inspiring song for all of us…(Writers: Dina Preston-Ortiz, Don Ortiz & Michael Terry)

  • “Where is She” is a beautiful song..melodically and lyrically strong. I’m liking all the rest of your songs and they have all been performed to a very high standard. Well done guys!! Paul and Beck
  • This is class Dina and everyone. I need to upload full versions like you here. Ha! You are right. Thank you for the wonderful music.
  • Where Is She…Great Country Dina.. Wish you all much success….Rick

Boys from Casa Hogar -Original Dina Preston Band 

“Boys from Casa Hogar” was written for the a boys orphanage in Cabo San Lucas and part of a Celebrity Golf Classic to raise funds for the boy’s care. (Writers: Dina Preston-Ortiz, Don Ortiz & Michael Terry)

  • Listening to, “Boys From Casa Hogar”, today. Very good Job on this one. I like the Production. Robert Mitchell-GORGON
  • Love your sound. Cool tracks, solid production, and great vocals. Susan Martin