The Dina Preston Band provides top-rated 5-star live music nationally and internationally for corporate and VIP events. They have performed in 43 countries and 26 world tours for the Department of Defense Armed Forces Overseas Shows, and the U.S. State Department’s global embassies. Located out of Phoenix, Arizona they also service Fortune 500 Companies in the Meeting and Events Industry in Scottsdale, Arizona; Dallas, Texas; San Francisco, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Nashville, Tennessee, and Orlando, Florida.


The band celebrates well-loved music genres that blend country, rock, jazz, pop, and blues. According to Dina, each tour is a labor of love. Their love for their country and music has brought them opportunities to perform for the U.S. troops in remote places such as Afghanistan. The Dina Preston Band is recognized on a national USO Monument at the Verde Valley Military Service Park. Alongside Hollywood Legends such as Lucille Ball, Micky Rooney, and Jane Russel, the band considers this a great honor. 


Just signed to the Renaissance Record Label in April of 2022, The Dina Preston Band’s freshman album “We’ve Been Everywhere” is scheduled for release in the 4thQ of 2022. Led by Dina’s signature vocals, and Don Ortiz’s passionate lead guitar, their music is crafted around the band’s eclectic global experiences, providing a unique, but truly American sound. Music Observer featured The Dina Preston Band in their Top 20 Artist 2020. You can also find them on the World Entertainment Associates of America artist roster.     


As international keynote speakers and award-winning entrepreneurs, Dr. Dina Preston-Ortiz and her husband, Don Ortiz have had front-row seat to American history. Don and Dina have an IAN award-winning book on Amazon, 31 Cents to 43 Countries: Hardcore Tips to Increasing Profits”. Recently Dr.Dina and Don offered two workshops on behalf of the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia on Cultural Entrepreneurship: The Dina Preston Band in Action.


The Dina Preston Band has pioneered the art of corporate music entertainment, where each event features a distinct music performance and audience engagement with world-class fun! The Dina Preston Band presents a signature music style loved around the world by CEOs, Celebrities, Ambassadors, Dignitaries, Presidents, and YOU!


Tour Gallery: Middle East, Europe, Asia, South Pacific, Caribbean, Central America, Caucasus Region, Russian Federation, and Africa


Dina Preston Band 2022

dina preston band 2022

Contact: Don Ortiz

Phone: 623.330.0267


Proud members of  MPI & HSMAI

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