“Excellent Performers. They are very talented and get the crowd involved! They work very hard to become part of your event…”- Steve Marciano, General Manager of Hilton Hotel Phoenix/Mesa.

The Dina Preston Band is an American global award-winning band. They have performed over 26 international Tours on behalf of the U.S. State Department global embassies, Armed Forces Overseas Entertainment, and Fortune 500 companies in 43 countries. The Dina Preston Band’s newest album, We’ve Been Everywhere” is slated for release by Renaissance Records USA in February 2023. Look for Dina’s signature voicerocking guitars, and a new album that embodies the band’s global music experience and uniquely American sound. 

Why hire The Dina Preston Band? Quality, Experience, and Excellence

The Dina Preston Band presents a signature music style loved around the world by CEOs, Celebrities, Ambassadors, Dignitaries, Presidents, and YOU!

Global Tour Gallery: Middle East, Europe, Asia, South Pacific, Caribbean, Central America, Caucasus Region, Russian Federation, and Africa

Contact: Don Ortiz



Proud members of  MPI & HSMAI

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