The Arizona’s global award-winning country rock and has performed in over 20 international U.S Embassy and Armed Forces Entertainment tours in over 40 countries representing Arizona and the United States as ‘Ambassadors of Goodwill.’ The four-member band are on tour here, compliments of the United States Embassy in Suva. Club director Tracey Farrington said: “The band is not only here to entertain but will also be organizing a master class workshop where they will interact with the local musicians.

“Direct from US and it performed with free admission. In the morning there was a ‘Master Class’ as the session was for musicians and music students to collaborate and have an exchange of music ideas. The members of the Dina Preston Band sat and discussed international Country Rock music,” she said. “The Dina Preston band is a world-renowned Country Rock band; it’s such a great opportunity for the people in the Nadi area to hear this internationally-acclaimed band. We had a lot of people at Farmers Club that night.” The band has toured countries around the UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Canada and Guam.

Edited by Manasa Kalouniviti