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Grammy® Award-winning producer Rudy Perez and his team Andres Bermudez and Bruce Weeden at Bullseye produced what many are already calling a masterpiece that skillfully combines Dina Preston’s powerful and distinctive voice along with the electrifying guitars of the band. The album is a perfect representation of the band’s international music background and uniquely American sound.

Key Highlights:

Renaissance Record Album Release: We invite you to experience their album, produced by Rudy Perez, and become part of a global musical community that cares about the artistry and impact of music. The Dina Preston Band invites you to join them on a musical journey that combines exceptional production with a commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Global AccoladesHaving graced stages in iconic venues globally, Dina Preston Band has given electrifying performances that transcend musical boundaries, establishing them as cultural influencers. 

Unforgettable Live Shows: The Dina Preston Band guarantees an unforgettable experience, infusing high energy into live concerts, corporate gatherings, diplomatic functions, and private celebrations.

Giving Back: This award-winning ensemble not only showcases their musical gifts at home and abroad but also demonstrates a commitment to making a difference. The band actively engages in local, national, and global community service and education initiatives supported by their extensive tours. Collaborating with non-profits, governments, and corporate entities, they offer guidance to aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Legendary Record Producer & Songwriter Rudy Perez

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We've Been Everywhere

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February 27, 2024 By Influencer Daily Staff

In the pulsating heart of Miami Beach, amidst the creative hub of Bullseye Productions, Grammy® Award-winning producer Rudy Perez and his illustrious team have sculpted yet another masterpiece. This time, their canvas is the latest album, “We’ve Been Everywhere,” by none other than the world-traveling musical phenomenon, the Dina Preston Band.

The Power Of Music

May 2023 U.S. Embassy Tunisia

With 27 world tours and performances in 44 countries, the Dina Preston Band has left an indelible mark on the global music scene and now they are coming to Tunisia to give free public concerts and provide workshops on cultural entrepreneurship in Djerba, Gafsa, Kairouan, Sousse, and Tunis.  

LA Wire

Los Angeles Wire Staff March 26. 2024

The Dina Preston Band, renowned for their infectious blend of Americana, Alt-Country, and spirited performances, takes listeners on a rollicking journey with their latest release “We’ve Been Everywhere” on Renaissance Records, US. Crafted by the legendary Grammy® Award-winning producer Rudy Perez and his team at Bullseye Production in Miami, this album pays homage to the Dina Preston Band’s 27 world tours and performance footprint in 44 countries.

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