Dina Preston Band

Dina Preston Band

The U.S. Embassies, The Department of Defense and The Armed Forces Entertainment personnel often referred to The Dina Preston Band as “Ambassadors of Goodwillâ€. The following galleries shares their 20 years performing in over 43 countries and 26 tours for our troops, U.S. Embassies and various corporate event clients. (Click on yellow links to review picture galleries) The Dina Preston Band’s Long Tour History Include the Following:

2016: US Embassy Suva (Fiji & Kiribati) Tour

2013: U.S. Embassy Budapest

Dina Preston Band “Rockin†Country Tour & Music Business Outreach Program (Hungary)

2010: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo Celebrity Golf Tournament Concert

2008: MWR: South Korean Tour

South Korean 5 week tour

2007: U.S. Embassy Tour

Armenia Outreach Program 4 week tour

Azerbaijan Outreach Program

2005: Armed Forces Entertainment:

Guantanamo Bay New Year’s Eve performance

2004: Armed Forces Entertainment: Operation Iraqi Freedom 4 week tour

Spain, Italy, Turkey & Egypt

2004: Armed Forces Entertainment Caribbean Tour 4 week tour

4th of July Guantanamo Bay, Honduras & Puerto Rico

2003: MWR: Belgium

Belgium (Fourth of July) NATO Base

2002-2003: Armed Forces Entertainment

Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar “The Stains†(Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan)

2002: Corporate Sponsored Cultural Tour (Jones Osborn Law Firm)

Moscow, Russia & Riga, Latvia

2002: Armed Forces Entertainment Operation Enduring Freedom

Turkey, Italy, Spain (New Year’s Eve) France, Lisbon, Portugal

2001: Armed Forces Mediterranean Tour

Saudi Arabia (New Year’s Eve), Jordan (U.S. Embassy)

2000: Armed Forces Entertainment Pacific Tour

South Korea, Okinawa, Guam, Johnston Atoll & Hawaii

1999: Armed Forces Entertainment & U.S. Embassy Middle East & Africa

Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman (U.S. Embassy), United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Mozambique, Africa (U.S.Embassy)

1998: Armed Forces European Tour

Iceland, Germany, Benelux, Hungary, Croatia & U.K.

1998: Johnston Atoll

Johnston Island (New Year’s Eve)

1996: USO Pacific Rim Tour

South Korea, Okinawa, Guam, Johnston Atoll &Hawaii

1995: DOD Mediterranean Tour

Turkey, Greece, Crete, Italy & Spain

1994: DOD European Tour

Iceland, Germany, Benelux, Netherlands, Croatia & Macedonia

 1993: DOD Pacific Tour

South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Johnston Atoll & Hawaii

 1992: DOD Tour Desert Storm

Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Fujairah, Diego Garcia & Japan